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Without a set blueprint in place for CMOs – every CMO position is different based on company size, industry and needs – I’ve spent my career sharing best practices that can help shape their unique success. As a former CMO myself, and with a broad and deep perspective gained from interviewing and working with hundreds of CMOs, I have helped seasoned, new, and aspiring CMOs understand what it takes to excel in the ever-changing top marketing job.


Nadine is an advisor, an author and the host of CMO Moves Podcast. She has is passionate about sharing best practices and recently launched "Tips for Success" that brings together coveted guidance from the world's top leaders. She has authored several best practice guides for CMOs, including the ANA CMO Talent Challenge Playbook, The CMO Solution Guide for Omnichannel Personalization and The CMO Solution Guide for Leveraging New Technology and Marketing Platforms. She created and launched the first Digital CMO Solutions Clubhouse while CMO of The CMO Club. She is the co-author of Marketing Land’s “Driving the Modern Marketing Organization” column and contributes regularly to peer publications.

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Lynne Biggar, CMO, Visa

Tony Rogers, CMO, Walmart U.S.

Linda Boff, CMO, GE

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